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Malik is a diverse singer, rapper, producer, and composer hailing from Belgium. Born on the 28th of March, 2000 this calm and versatile artist was influenced by music from an early age. Raised by both parents, Malik was exposed to various types of music that became a consistent force in his everyday life. 

This inspired him to want to create his own music at age 12, except, he did not know how and had no knowledge of how to even create beats. Being ambitious, he rose to the occasion and began to fluently craft his own beats a year later. As time went by, Malik refined and developed his skills as an artist, establishing and shaping his artistic identity; he often writes and composes emotionally driven and uplifting sounds. Influenced by artists including Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Coldplay, he took on the challenge of venturing into the Urban/Hip Hop and R&B music scene. At age 16, Malik’s ambitiousness earned him a tremendous amount of attention in the United States of America and Belgium, with the release of his debut mixtape entitled ‘Red light’. Building on the success of his first release, he arranged several meetings with USA based record labels of which he later canceled due to an opportunity with Universal Music France. Having signed a publishing deal with Universal Music France he still needed a record label, this prompted him to establish his own record label. Adding to his repertoire, Malik is now the founder, owner, and manager of Eternal March Craft Records. Malik’s dynamic artistry, music industry related skills and his ability to leap over boundaries set him on the path to future success. In the works for 2017 and beyond, Malik plans to release more material and is determined to see what the future unfolds.